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Travel Mountain Teapot Set ,Four Friends, Travel Pack

The unique and practical Travel Mountain Teapot Set, designed for tea lovers on the go. This exquisite set includes a versatile teapot with a removable infuser and four matching cups, all neatly packed in a stylish travel case.

The teapot features a clear glass body with a beautiful mountain design etched on the base. It includes a removable tea infuser with a detailed mountain motif, allowing for easy brewing and cleaning. The cups have a stylish green exterior and a smooth, cream-colored interior, offering a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Set Includes:

1x Teapot with Infuser

4x Tea Cup

1x Travel Case

Product Specifications:

◉ Material: Ceramic (Handwashing recommended)

◉ Teapot Capacity: 300ml (approximately 10.1 fluid ounces)

◉ Cup Capacity: 50ml (approximately 1.7 fluid ounces)
◉ Dishwasher Safe: Not recommended

◉ Microwave Safe: Not recommended

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