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Spacious and stylish Natural Cotton Cross-Body Bags

This eye-catching sling bag is made from natural cotton, offering a blend of style and sustainability, perfect for everyday use. Its three conveniently sized pockets keep essentials organised and close at hand throughout the day. Two of the pockets have secure zip closures, while the third features a press-up button fastening for easy access.

Adjustable comfort and versatile style

The sling bag boasts an adjustable strap, ensuring a comfortable fit for all body types and carrying preferences. Whether your customers prefer to wear it close to their body or slung low across their back, this bag adapts to their needs. And with its array of six chic colour combinations – tan & pink, blue & white, burgundy & white, tan & navy, black & white, and grey & white – your customers can find the perfect match for their unique style.

Additional product details:

Material: Natural cotton

Dimensions: 34 x 18 x 5 cm (13.4 x 7.1 x 2 inch)

Strap length: adjustable 51 - 96 cm (20.1 x 37.8 inch)

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